Alan Hughes / September 4th, 2019 / The Wire
Boschi Pope Skate Off 2019 by ButterTV

“Four years strong: While the BPSO is still a young annual event, it brings alot of people together from all parts of the globe. The energy is still loud and crazy and the final round is still as chaotic as it was in it’s first year with spectators, filmers, and photographers never sure which way to look or point our cameras because the skaters are killing the spot from every direction. Lots of love to everyone that constantly collaborate to keep this event going and to everyone that shares the same amount of excitement as they do every year we all come together – Thank you! See you all next year for the homecoming. Cheers!”

“Thank you to everybody for coming out today for the BPSO4… I love y’all… be safe and everybody kill that shit!” — Boschi Pope

New York City — August 24th, 2019.

Discussion / Boschi Pope Skate Off 2019 by ButterTV

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