Alan Hughes / April 15th, 2012 / The Wire
IROLLNY Weekly Deals: Fail Edition

“Take a look at all the hits, the misses, and all the in-betweens while filming a typical NYC session.

I went out on a mission. A mission that failed. While on the train on my way to Manhattan, I realized I only had two dollars on me. Which is basically as good as having zero dollars in NYC. I came up with the concept to go the whole day without spending any money by asking all the bladers I was supposed to meet up with to buy me drinks, food,…etc. Unfortunately, everyone but Sean Grossman bailed on the session so the mission had to change.

Mission 2: Film everything! I thought to myself, no one ever really sees what goes on behind the scenes while trying to film a typical session. I wanted to give an in-depth personal look at what really goes on in NYC, attempting to make the audience feel like you were there with us. Unfortunately, I picked the windiest day to do so.

This is the result of both missions. Hope you enjoy.

Nick Riggle clips start at 3:14

Youtube link:”

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