Alan Hughes / January 21st, 2015 / The Wire
Josh Hayes Edit for Razors News

“I met Josh on last years’ Colorado Road Trip. He stuck out to me immediately with that worn out fedora…like seriously, if you aren’t Frank Sinatra or guest starring on Boardwalk Empire you shouldn’t be wearing that thing. But park after park, his raw ability on skates began to overshadow his douche cap. My mind quickly changed his label to the dude who could tru topsoul anything and conquer some of the more difficult obstacles at each spot. At the last spot I had to pull him aside and let him know how impressed I was with his skating, and how I felt he would be an awesome addition to the team. Luckily, he accepted, and after seeing this section, I could not be happier with my decision to hook this dude up. Raw street talent with a unique perspective on spots, Josh, glad to have you on board and call you a homie.” – Geoff

“Filmed by: Luke Bender and Ian Walker
Additional filming: Mykel Fatali and Greg Schlosser
Edited by: Ian Walker”

Discussion / Josh Hayes Edit for Razors News

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