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JUST BLADE 2 Video-On-Demand **Available Now**

The newest VOD from ONE is available for download HERE!

Filmed from late 2017 through the end of 2018, JUST BLADE 2 brings you along for the ride as ONE traveled to Seattle, New York City and throughout California to capture blading from some of the most dynamic bladers on skates. Featuring a profile section of Razors Pro Derek Henderson, as well as a large, diverse cast of talent including: Antony Pottier, Chad Tannehill, Adrien Anne, Austin Paz, Warren Digne, Chris Couture, Jeff Dalnas, Chad Hornish, Philip Moore, Evert Lubja, Justin Brasco, Mike Torres, Garret Mitschelen, Stephane Mosselmans, James Perez, and more!

So hit play… it’s time to JUST BLADE (2).

Running Time: 18:27

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