Alan Hughes / June 28th, 2019 / The Wire
L.E.S. Survivor Series by ButterTV

“New York City — April 13th, 2019. A small collaboration between IRollNY, butterTV, AirtoThe, and RUDY. After a long winter with little to no skating we put together a small contest at LES Skatepark to kick off the warmer days to come. Rather than all out skate jam where the best tricks win; we kept the rules to a simple game of SKATE (BL8 to keep it moving quicker). We also had mini challenges like best cess slides, best air over the launch, and a race around the block. The goal was not to get anyone hurt before the season started but to bring people together to hang, have a beer, grab some free stuff, and of course, win some money and a belt. Cheers to keeping it simple and to everyone who showed up!”

Discussion / L.E.S. Survivor Series by ButterTV

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