Alan Hughes / July 19th, 2013 / The Wire
Olderblading v2.0 by Beau Cottington

“The old guys are at it again! Check out v2 of “Olderblading” featuring Drew Bachrach, Borja Fernandez, Eric Schrijn, Robert Lievanos, Louie Zamora, Dave Paine, Chris Calkins, Geoff Acers, Marek Doniec, Remy Cadier, Andy Kruse, Tom Hyser, Erick Garcia, Kennan Scott, Kevin Chow, Matt Hermanek, Mark Neppl, and several more. Be sure to check out the official elderly ‘blader website” – Beau Cottington

Discussion / Olderblading v2.0 by Beau Cottington

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  • Racheal Coffin - November 3rd, 2016

    Beau Cottington is a scam artist. He has taken my money for services and not delivered services. I want everyone to know this because since I have come forward with this situation I have found I am not alone. There are many others. Do not give this guy any money up front if you do business with him. He takes your money knowing he is not going to render his services. When asking for a refund several times he did not respond. I had to tell him I was going to warn people on the internet if I did not receive a refund to get a response. I still have not received a refund which is why I am trying to warn as many people as possible about his schemes. If you would like the proof of everything I speak of I have all the facebook messages. Please warn people.

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