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Sayer Danforth Directed Music Video

Sayer Danforth is a serious creative force with deep roots in blading and if you don’t know who he is you need some learnin’. But anyway, besides painting and digital stuff Sayer also directs videos. Sometimes they are TV ads for Kawasaki, and sometimes, like this, they are cool music videos. When these projects happen Sayer tends to send out a little note to friends and family. We’ll count you in those categories (for these purposes) and share what he had to say about the project:

“I bring to you today a music video I made that is the result of social internet crap doing something good for once. I made a video a few years back called “Busy Boy” that I titled the “Official” music video for the band Purple Crush. It wasn’t. Then Purple Crush, who’s song I used, later contacted me on Youtube and told me their fans loved that video. SO… I said ‘lets do a real one.’ And this is it. Thanks Isla and Jarred”

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