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Scribe Industries 25th Wheel Anniversary Team Edit

“What a long strange trip it’s been! Seriously. We cannot believe we lasted 6 years from our re-establishment in this secluded niche industry. It is a tough world out there for rollerblading and fortunately we have been blessed to continue to bring you great quality products, and showcase a talented team of individuals from around the globe. We are happy to announce that this winter we will be releasing our 25th, and 26th wheel. A very big milestone for the new Scribe Industries!

With the brand being restructured we have a final list of 8 riders on the team. No flow, no am, no bull, just a collective group of bladers that have proven themselves worthy to represent the Scribe image, name, and legacy.

We like to introduce the Scribe Industries professional team: Kirill Galushko, Kevin Lapierre, Stefan Brandow, Tim Franken, Eric Miller, Jon Fromm, Corey Glanville and Blading Cup 2013 AM Winner – Michael Froemling!
Also featured in this edit is original Scribe legend Jon Robinson along with owner Daniel Fabiano. Enjoy!
Post Production: Daniel Fabiano

Main Cameras: Sam DeAngelis, Daniel Fabiano
Contributing Filmers: Yan Lecompte, Shane McClay, Denis Levchenko, Ares Kachaev, Gregory Breger, Dan Knapmiller, Blake Cohen, Kenrick Chiocca and Brent Scherer.
Music By: Gary Clark Jr – I Don’t Owe You a Thang

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USE THE CODE: SCRFALL13 to receive 20% OFF your entire next purchase! Thanks! Roll on..”

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