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Stefan Brandow FR Skates Introduction

“Welcome Stefan!

Stefan Brandow from Columbus, Ohio has been skating street and filming video parts since the age of 14. When you need someone to jump something big, ask Stefan. He loves skating roofs, gaps, banks, and wallrides. But he’s not just a one trick pony, he’s also known for his mastery of toe tricks and unusual spot selection.

He has been skating the UFR AP boots since some time already, and here is a video he put together in a very short time.

We love the energy, the style, and it makes us want to go out right now and skate and drop off some roofs.

Filmed by: Hawke Trackler
Additional filming by: Logan Fuller
Editing by: Stefan Brandow

About the UFR AP Skates:
The U-FR STREET Skates are a transformation of our well known FR FReeride skates, but with a modified mounting system to become UFS, with removable soulplates.

The UFR AP will be available as Boot Only, or Complete with Antony’s own FLAT frames, and 65mm FR AP Black Wheels.

2 skates in 1

It means that the UFR can be the most all round skate possible, matching them with a set of UFS FReeride frames from 4x80mm up to 3x125mm set-ups.

FR Skates – UFR STREET AP – BOOT include:
– Signature FR AP Liners
– UFS – Universal Frame mounting System
– Safety Buckles
– Power Straps

(Stefan set-up include his Signature 5050 Pro frames and Chroma Signature Wheels)

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