ONE Staff / June 5th, 2015 / The Wire
W.A.O. Blading Cup Qualifier

“Man, its been my dream to have a contest this dope since we have opened! It was amazing to see all the local heads and friends from out of town that showed up to shred our park. Vibes were great that day and everyone was throwing down! Huge thanks to all the riders and families that showed up in support. Featuring; Korey Waikiki, Howie Bennett, Jon Fromm, Buck, Easy, Jett Rennert, John Dickerson, Hazen Bell, Zach Egbert, Nick Stewart, Jess Fletcher, Brendan Wells, Matt Moya, Daniel Bird, David Bizdok, Keyston Gibson, Mikal Moore, Roger Emmer, Carlos Jaquez, Ethan Cuglietta, Josh fields, Jake Fields, Bryan Jones, Devyn Stewart, and Hayden Stewart.”

Discussion / W.A.O. Blading Cup Qualifier

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