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BLADE LIFE: Josh Diaz in Puerto Rico

Franky Morales — Fishbrain 540 Out

OMG! Like, another installment of BLADE LIFE! Brooklyn’s own Josh Diaz headed down to Puerto Rico to skate with Franky Morales and Julian Bah during a series of demos. Instead, they had one good afternoon and night shooting before the rain came. Here’s a bit from Josh about his expedition. — ONE

Tato — Tree Stall 270 Cess Slide

The Puerto Rico scene has grown and collaborated with skaters from all over the world. In November, I flew down there from NYC and met up with Franky Morales and Julian Bah, who were there for a few days to do a demo at a local event. Meeting up at the skate shop, it was packed with kids waiting to see the two pro skaters. After a few hours of entertaining the fans we decided to roll to some spots. A local skater Hector “Tato” Gonzales told us about a drop ledge in a town few minutes away. When we got there the ledge was perfect, with a nice run up and everything. As I set up my gear a local crowd started to gather, and a few minutes into the session Franky laid down a Fishbrain 540 out followed by a 450 Top Soul that was insane.

After maybe an hour we decided to check out a bank that was around the corner. There, Tato laced this Tree Stall to 270 Cess Slide down the bank. I had planned to get more photos and have even more to showcase this trip to Puerto Rico, but after that first night it rained the whole time. — Josh Diaz

Photos © 2008 Josh Diaz

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  • sam - December 22nd, 2008


    i think you guys should come to adelaide, Australia and do some demos!!!

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