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COVER BOY: Brian Shima

ONE Issue #7

“Can you deal with this?” Can you? Really? Thought Brian Shima didn’t mean business with his new boot? Or that he wouldn’t roll down the craziest thing since Mitchell Goosen and Snake rolled down Devil’s Backbone in “Airborne”? Or that ONE couldn’t come up with another poppin’ issue mixing the brand new with the best photography and the most compelling interviews? Wait… don’t answer. Just read.


Discussion / COVER BOY: Brian Shima

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  • Jonathan BAH - October 30th, 2007

    Damn ! He want to die !

    If someone known Paris and particularly “La Défense” this building reminds me the CNIT.

    But in smaller.

  • tiny elvis - October 30th, 2007

    that looks like a huge ass…get that next to maxim on the shelves

  • wes - October 30th, 2007

    It does doesn’t it? haha It’s the roof of a church too! : )

  • michael garlinghouse - October 30th, 2007

    so rad!

  • AdamKola - October 30th, 2007

    incredible,absolutly speechless!!

  • John Haynes - October 30th, 2007

    i cant stop cleaning the shit out of my pants…

  • Chris Piascik - October 30th, 2007

    Wow, amazing. What happened to all the amazing desktop images?

  • aj - October 30th, 2007

    I knew shima liked big butts.

  • je - October 31st, 2007

    just thought i’d point out that there’s no half-stepping going on here. this gem is from the top!

  • joey mcagrry - October 31st, 2007

    I keep going back to bask in it’s glory.

  • Sam B. - November 1st, 2007

    Gobsmacked! His skating obviously hasn’t taken a backseat to the boot company development. First thing i’ve been really excited to see in a while.

  • AndrewTunney - November 15th, 2007

    I was juiced to be in this issue anyway but that cover’s just sealed the deal!

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