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Second Place: The Second Season


Second Place is now back for its Second Season. This blog went on an unannounced hiatus last fall, and I think a number of people assumed that I either gave up or moved on.

I didn’t.

The same thing that happens to everybody else happened to me, and some things got away from me for a little while. But I’m back on the job.

In the interim I decided that the best way to proceed with this project is in an episodic way, taking up a range of topics—one post at a time—until I’ve completed about a dozen. Once that’s done I can take a break, get some space from the material, and return with a renewed focus and write a new ‘season’ of posts.

I’d like to maintain that cycle for as long as possible.

If you’ve read this blog before, I’d like to welcome you back and say THANK YOU for both reading it and for sticking with me. I welcome all dialogue and hope to thoughtfully engage with all of your comments.

If you’re new to Second Place, I’d like to say thanks for checking it out. You should know that I try really hard to make these posts accessible, entertaining, and, ideally, thought provoking. I also invite you to share any thoughts you have in the comments section.

If you want to see what went on before, you can click here to find most of last season’s posts. A comprehensive list is available here.

As for this season, I’ve got some good topics in mind that I hope you will enjoy reading and discussing. The posts will be addressing a range of linguistic, rhetorical, and cultural situations relevant to understanding the conditions and principles that underpin our rolling experience.

I’d like to offer special thanks to Justin Eisinger over at ONE for continuing to believe in and offer support to this project, and I’d additionally like to thank Jim Petty, Lindsay Braun, Cody Sanders, Jan Welch, and Jess Stoner for all of their perspicacity and assistance with this ongoing endeavor.

The first post of the season will go live on the 19th of March.

Thanks for reading.


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