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Xtreme Nachos Pt. 2

Oh yeah, back with another edition of the world famous XTREME NACHOS! If you missed the first one, tune in here to have your mind blown. This week I got to tag along with the Xsjado team while they were filming for their new, still-untitled video. The posse was large: Stockwell, Paul John, Marcus, JC, Nick R, and even Alex Miranda were in effect.

First spot of the day was this concrete wave. Surf was way up! Here we have Marcus with a hang 10 above the point break.

A couple of people got clips at this spot including Paul John who went slightly unorthodox with a crazy tree ride. Everyone has to “okay” the footage before we can move on, that’s just how down with teamwork these guys are.

Next stop is this drop ledge that we stop at every time the guys come to visit. Today, motivation was high. Alex and Marcus both got clips at this spot. This was Alex’s warm up. What is a little hard to see in the pic is the 20ft drop below this ledge. Tuff stuff.

Sometimes you have to go all out for the best angle. JC dives into the filth of the LA water system for the worm’s eye view.

It is pretty save to say that Marcus has TTS on lockdown. They don’t get much better than this.

Look at that mullet!

Next spot was dusty and rusty. Nick R got dirty, cleaned up the run-up and threw down this week’s XTREME NACHOS clip.

This rail was way sticky. Nick had to muscle this sweaty to fakie. He kept re-trying, to get as topside as possible. You are going to have to tune into the XJS video to see the one he was finally happy with.

Don’t worry, Stockwell got the Hi-Rez shot.

The sun was going down late because of daylight savings time. We had just enough time to get one more spot in.

Unfortunately, this beauty has been blade proofed. Could you imagine what could have gone down with these guys all ready to shred?

The day ended at this little baby. Fun session, dudes. Let’s do it again soon.

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