Sam Cooper / September 22nd, 2010 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #7


This past year seems to have been made up of many planned shots that have been so very long from their conception to the trick being laced and the shot being got. This shot of Zak is another of those, at least six to seven months waiting to get the shot. Being one of those spots that just don’t work in the same way as they do in your head, this shot took a bit longer than first thought until Zak realized that the tiny natural launch really did very little launching, making it a straight huck onto what was a bloody-high rail. Still, Mr. Buys persisited past the point of reason untill the trick was had and this image was captured of this front Royale up and along the high black rail to 180 down the drop side. Shot with my Sigma 10mm fisheye and lit up with two Canon 540EZs, with one being behind and to my right, set at 1/16, and the other also behind and off to my left, with a diffuser and set at 1/16 power. — Sam Cooper

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Sam Cooper #7

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