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Anthony Marchione & The Big Break

Anthony, you just won the Kaltik/ONE Big Break edit contest. Congratulations!
Thanks Man! Super psyched on it.

So tell us a bit about yourself: where do you live, what do you do, and who do you blade with?
I currently reside in Philadelphia, going to school for Music at the University of the Arts. Since I moved here I’ve been able to skate whenever I want with a bunch of good dudes. I usually find myself constantly rolling with my good friends: Tyler Knight, Matt Capacete, Chase Foley and Brent Scherer.

Have you ever skated Kaltik frames before? What kinda wheel set-up do you rock: anti, tri or flat?
I’ve never skated Kaltiks before but I have recently been wanting to switch from anti-rockers to flat, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do so using those gnarly looking Stealth frames.

When did you first hear about The Big Break?
Shortly after they released it to the public, not sure when exactly that was.

How did you decide to enter the contest?
Well, I have been super interested in online contests recently, and I am always out filming and shit with the homies, so they are really fun to enter. As soon as I saw how incredible the reward Kaltik was offering was, I was sure I wanted to be apart of it.

As you watched the other edits being submitted, did you think you’d roll away with the win?
I didn’t expect to win since I knew there were some really great submissions. I just had a good time with it and hoped the judges would enjoy it.

What other bladers/edits impressed you?
Ryan parker and Matt Capacete absolutely killed it; those edits are so god damn good. Stefan Brandow had some really hard tricks as well, so it definitely felt amazing to be compared to such good rollerbladers.

Have you had the chance to do much traveling for blading in the past?
The only traveling I’ve done for the soul purpose of rollerblading has been driving 10 hours to BCSD the past two years. My friends and I also tend to turn non-skating related long distance drives into skate trips.

Where’s your favorite place that you’ve skated?
For two weeks during the summer after my friends and I graduated we got to fly out to Paris and stay with our friend’s mom who was out there for work. We were out skating almost every day. The architecture there is so far from what I am used to here in Philly and it is so incredibly fun to skate. You can skate for miles around the city and find so many weird things that look like they were created for skating. That was by far my favorite skating experience.

So now that you have a sponsor and a travel budget, what’s on your agenda?
Holy shit, so many possibilities. I was really wanting to do a cross country drive, stopping at a ton of awesome spots that I have never been to, with California being the destination. But I definitely have a lot of thinking to do, opportunities like this don’t always come around.

Any shout outs or anything like that?
I definitely want to mention all of my dudes from Doylestown that I’ve been skating with since the beginning: Matt Capacete, Austin Leleu, Brian Carroll, Cameron Ogle, Nick Benton, Tyler Knight, Hunter Graves, Chase Foley, Michael Pronzato and my great pal Andrew Phillips. Also my parents for supporting my rollerblading more than anyone through the years.

Great! Well we look forward to working together and seeing what you can accomplish. Congrats again!
Hell yeah! Thank you!

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