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PRINT: 15 Minutes with Jon Robinson

How did you get involved in reality shows?

I was bartending one night and the producers of “Elimidate” were in drinking. They said, “We’re starting this new reality show and you’d be perfect for it.” To which I replied, “Like I’m not the 200th person you said that to tonight.” I auditioned two days later and got in. I got invited to be on the “Elimidate — All-Stars” episode, so that was cool — except I had to fly home from Vegas on September 11, 2002. Then some people at Fox asked me to audition for “Temptation Island 3,” so I asked Shane Nelson if he’d make a tape for me. He did, and I got cast for that show, too. Never made any money off the deal except for some random commercials I received as side projects. The overriding thing about my reality TV “career” is that I never went to seek out a show. I never saw an ad in the paper and went to audition. The opportunities always came to me and I accepted them.

What was your favorite thing about them?

I guess being on TV was pretty fun. People recognizing me is always a nice and needed ego boost. Or the girls I got after the fact wasn’t so bad either. A free trip to Roatan, Honduras, and Las Vegas were experiences I’ll never forget. I still keep in contact with a few of the cast members from “Temptation Island,” so I guess the friendships, too. 

Least favorite thing about them?

Being in a situation where you were expected to act a certain way. The producers had this preconceived notion about the way I would act in different scenarios. If my reaction didn’t fit the mold, we’d re-shoot. Lame.

Soul to Sweatstance / University of Minnesota / 2000

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Discussion / PRINT: 15 Minutes with Jon Robinson

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