Alan Hughes / November 24th, 2020 / The Wire
Eugen Enin “Shadow Chronicles” by Daniel Enin

“Shadow Chronicles is more than an usual Eugen Section.
Not only is it his most versatile section up to date and captures some pretty unconventional moves but also it’s his first full profile in USD Shadows after a decade on USD Carbons.

We worked over a year for that Section, which is the longest time I’ve ever put into one Part. Even tho Danny and I started without concrete Plans it’s almost like it grew by it self and assumed shape with every new interesting idea that popped up in my mind. All while having heavy ankle pain during most clips and sometimes being unable to walk for 2 weeks afterwards… Not to mention the worldwide Pandemic, Lockdowns and heavy restrictions in our area. I reflected a lot during that time and tried to do what really makes me happy. All in all I’m pretty glad about how this Section came out and how working on it affected my view on Blading. So sit back and enjoy the ride.
Ps. Don’t try to understand it. Feel it hahaha”

Camera & Cut by Daniel Enin:

Discussion / Eugen Enin “Shadow Chronicles” by Daniel Enin

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