Alan Hughes / July 14th, 2012 / The Wire
Orion Live X Fester Sesh Edit by Max Manning

“A quick insight to the typical weekend with Orion Live Skate Contests. This month Orion Live has teamed up with non other than Santee’s finest. Damien and the rest of the Fester household provided us with a hell of an obstacle and a kick ass time. We started the day off with a couple games of shoes and beers and before you know it the place was packed and the show had begun. Andrew Dipaolo actually ended up taking the throne on this one though you would never know from watching this edit.

Footage was takin in more of a fun Broll like manner rather than actually focusing on the skating itself. Wanted to kinda portray the good times we’ve been having over here at Orion while provided you all with a free online HD streamed competition.

Couple Focus Pulls were definitely a bit off as I was having some serious issues with my Zoom’s Aperture Diaphragm (It wouldn’t come out of 3.5 or 2.8) I literally had to drop my native iso back to 100 and then give it extra shutter to maintain a solid dynamic range..

Filmed & Edited By: Max Manning

Skaters Included:

Andrew Dipaolo
Chris Calkins
Gene Galang
Russell Day
Winston Wardwell

Orion Staff:

Loiuie Zamora
Jason Kasid
Gus Mendoza
Ryan Nafsu

Sponsors: Razors Skate, Dyenasty, Fester Wheels, Orion Live Group, Celerity Media”

Discussion / Orion Live X Fester Sesh Edit by Max Manning

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