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An Interview with Demetrios George

Demetrios, thanks for taking some time to chat with us — we know you’re a busy dude. Tell us, what have you been up to since we last caught up with you?
Well, at the beginning of the year USD to make me Team Manager again, while working more on the sales side of things, too. So along with making sure to stay true to my blades, remain healthy and enjoy living in California, I’ve been doing my best to become more well-organized and improve my business skills to take on the workload that’s seemingly headed my way.

We all saw your WRS edit — how you feeling? Getting past your rash of injuries?
It’s funny, I never really recovered from blowing my knee out. It feels like it could explode at any moment and then fills up with fluid, plus my hands have arthritis, but if anything that came from my mother ’cause she has it in her system. Overall I’m pretty beat up, but I stay active so that I can keep moving.

Have the injuries taught you anything about taking care of your body, and preventative maintenance?
My body is definitely that of a 26-year-old creeping up on 27, but I must say that considering how badly damaged I’ve gotten I really shouldn’t even be out there skating. It’s all up to your passion to push forward and constantly better yourself — stay humble in the process — but for sure take in all there is to learn. Injuries provide many lessons, and I personally can attribute a lot of my humility, and ability to relate to those less fortunate than myself, through what I’ve experienced. Breaking my pelvis completely through from top to bottom was quite the injury. Besides that, without a doubt I’m pushing through the aches and pains. With the more or less “stunt blading” I do, it’s hard to avoid.

Any tips for dudes on how to get hops like yours?
Yeah… make sure you stay lean. Eat healthier when you have the chance, exercise often and, most importantly, get flexible. I’ve never attended a yoga class or anything, but have always stretched as often as possible. If you’re flexible you can not only jump higher, but you’ll be able to fold your body in half and then, if you’re strong enough, stand up out of that grind and give the impression of jumping higher than you really are.

Topsoul Disaster Topsoul / ONE #18

Besides USD, who else are you skating for right now?
I also skate for Undercover Wheels — awesome team and group of friends for me. They’ve got great wheel designs and awesome urethane. I’m also skating Kizer frames, which I think have the best options on the market. They’ve made cool new advances in frame design, which in turn effects the industry, and I appreciate that as a rollerblader and business man. Always nice to see progression of the hard goods we use. Also, BulletPrufe Clothing recently picked me up. They were nice enough to go out of their way to approach me at Bittercold and started sporting me some gear. It’s nice to have that appreciation coming from such a good group of guys. BPs are nice jeans and I especially like the hooded shirts. Other than that I’m my own sponsor, always putting my own money into everything, which many can relate to.

And let’s talk a little about USD. There’s been a lot of changes going on over there for the last year or two, and now the news about no more Billy, no more Don, and SK is riding on Xsjados; what’s the scoop?
The many changes to USD over these past years can be attributed to so many different things, but to sum it up in one word, let’s say “life.” Many skater’s futures are not only decided by the brand, but also by the skater’s health, mindset, political standing within blading, and the loved ones who surround them. Then it comes down to the brand — do they feel they’re getting their ROI “return on investment,” or does it make sense to invest into other areas? We’ve seen this happen all across the board, and with guys like Don and Billy I gotta say “life” happened, and they are where they are now. Wish them the best of course, as they’re both good friends.

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Discussion / An Interview with Demetrios George

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  • Sherlock Holmes - December 6th, 2012

    Besides the addition of Franky and Montre, any new team members to be announced?
    There’s one more to come, but it might not be as much of a shock. It’s just well deserved. I’d say our team is as strong as it’s been in a very long while. Everyone is close friends to one another and the vibes are right.

    Jeff Dalnas. Took him long enough.

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