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Cletus Kuhn Photo Archives, Pt. 2

Cletus Kuhn recently blew up our inbox with a bunch of blade pics, some dating back nine years. These weren’t just old pics of his homies, these photos include tricks from the likes of John Bolino, Andy Kruse, Jeremy Spira and Alex Broskow, documenting moments from Mile High Battles and Colorado Road Trips. In other words, these are ‘important’ moments that most of us have never seen, so we posted a bunch before, and here’s the rest. We hope you enjoy reliving these past times as much as we enjoyed viewing them.

Jeremy Gallegos / Stale Wallride / Albuquerque, NM / December 2008
The natural lighting in Albuquerque is amazing, even in the winter. During one of my trips back home from Nascarland my good friend Jeremy Gallegos delivered this early Christmas present.

Jeremy Spira / True Savannah / Carbondale, CO / 2009
Colorado Road Trip is such a great time. The landscapes in Western Colorado are magnificent, every town has a unique and awesome skatepark, and you just can’t beat camping in the mountains one night and the Palisades desert the next. At the end of the trip in Palisades you can always count on getting some of the best peaches you’ve ever had. This picture is at Carbondale skatepark. The ramps are huge, as you can tell by the size of Jeremy Gallegos filming Spira.

Jeremy Gallegos / Royale to AO Wallride / Albuquerque, NM / 2009
This was really the last big session I can remember having back in New Mexico before our crew really dispersed. There were about 12 people out blading this day. On the other side of the school are three lines of ledges, which everyone else wore themselves out on. Once we got around to the front of the school and moved the bike rack into the dirt, Jeremy showed us how it is done with a perfect switch royale to alley-oop wallride.

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Discussion / Cletus Kuhn Photo Archives, Pt. 2

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