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The Re-Education of Michael Collins

Speaking of that stuff — up until this point, what has been your blade life highlight?
Road To Nowhere, Meantime, The Zombie Comatose vid, On Top… Man, just filming sections is the shit. Having an opportunity to work with people like Adam Johnson and Brandon Negrete was a blessing. I owe both of those dudes for sure, as well as Alex Broskow too. They helped me out a lot man.

You were just out here in California; how’d that go?
Well, if you didn’t know I actually went out there for my big cousin Chris’ funeral. He was my favorite cousin. Straight G and had all the chicks. But unfortunately, six years ago when I was 17 years old he got shot by some suckas. Due to no insurance and it being in South Central LA, the only hospital that would take him was so far that he actually died for a minute on the way to the hospital. For the past six years he’s been brain dead in a hospital where my grandmother went every day to feed, bathe, and take care of him. He finally passed away mid-April of this year, so I flew out to LA for the funeral which was on 4/20. I linked up with Erick Rodriguez who wanted to make a “Welcome to USD” edit for me, so I ended up staying with my dog Paul John in Long Beach for an extra week to film with Erick and Rachard. Cali was the shit though. I got some fresh photo’s with Jonathan Labez and some dope footy with Erick and Rachard.

Top Acid / Photo by Labez

What was up with that music video you visited?
Randomly I got a chance to be in my dog Caligula’s new video “Fighter Jet” feat. Wiz Khalifa. Look out for that! Shit’s gonna be fresh. I got a cameo shredding in that mug.

That’s cool. Stayed clean though, right?
YES. I’m on probation, so for that and my own reasons I dropped the drugs completely. EVERYTHING, even Weed. Yes that’s right, VX Fresh quit smoking weed. Although I did drink a few times I’ve really chilled on that as well. It’s def for the better!

Sick. So is the weather better in KC now? How often are you able to get out on the blades?
Bruh, you never know what the weathers gonna be like in KC. It could be 85° one day and 30° the next. It literally did that last week. But whatever weather it is I’m blading! Even if I have to hit KC Indoor!

Think you’ll stop again any time soon?
F*** NO! I’ll quit when I die! On stones! It’s BLADE LIFE over here!

Well cool man, it’s good to see you around again. We look forward to working together more. Anyone you need to shout out or thank?
Well, first and foremost I wanna thank my lady, Jessica Alexis McLeod, and my lil’ mans Jacen. Jessica motivated me to get back on my blades and stuck with me thru everything. I love you baby. You’re the shit for real… My moms too. I love that woman with all my heart. I really wanna thank Alex Broskow and Adam Johnson for raising me right, and I wanna apologize to them for being such a thug and fuckin’ up all the time. Those guys are the shit. I was raised by the best. Thanks to Matthias, the owner of USD, and Erick Sauer, the team manager, for believing in me and giving me a chance at USD. USD SKATES ALL DAY. Go buy some Carbons. Cop my nigga Frankys pro skate. Thanks to Mike Johnson for sticking with me and still believing in me. JUG over here dog. Buy Jug gear, buy Jug liners buy Jug sneakers. That shit is fresh. Thanks to Geoff Acres, and Jon Elliot also, for giving me another chance with Ground Control. Buy GC frames. They the best. FREE MY LIL’ BROTHER ROYCE. 500. Shout all my lil’ brothers Marcus, Tyler, James, Jacques, Josiah, Travis, Cody, Micah, Win, Lil’ Patt Piff from the Chi. Shout out my big bro Chris McCullough and the rest The Moes. ABPSN 500, that’s my set. Shout out my big bro Sir Rod, Dutch Newman, and all my other friends, fans and family. I love you all!



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All right, then be good! Later.

Photos by Jonathan Labez

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Discussion / The Re-Education of Michael Collins

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  • what a joke - May 13th, 2013

    im surprised ONE would even waste their time writing about you. “USD for life” even though you listed valo as well…so when usd drops your ass you can pretend you supported valo the whole time too, right? all that time locked up and the most important lesson you walked away with was that you “need to blade?” its really hard to have respect for someone who got where they are (even though you really didnt get anywhere because you didnt do anything) by riding the coat tails of those who actually made a name for themselves (i.e. broskow) when you possess zero of that talent yourself. cant wait til the spotlight is off of you, and onto someone who is actually worthy of it.

  • Joseph Wilson - May 13th, 2013

    I’m happy for you my dude. People need not waste their time criticizing because I see you’ve been putting in work and growing at your own pace. Hell yeah.

  • VXFRSH - May 13th, 2013

    i’m waiting on that mixtape bruhh, maybe do a track with julian and dre powell!

  • Hambone - May 14th, 2013

    Nevermind the haters bro, I’m just happy as hell your skating again and pushing yourself! Keep it up and show these fools what ya got

  • Andy Bureman - May 20th, 2013

    Mike C – My dude killin’ shit getting interviewed on ONE. Super jelly of your success, even with everything in your past – fuck the haters.

    We both dreamed of this shit when we were little rug rats, but you def. killin it now. Go get em’ man.

  • pirate - May 21st, 2013

    your on top section changed my life man, good to see you back

  • - May 27th, 2013

    Always been a fan of what you do, Mike. Keep doing it for the love, fella! PROPS and fuck hataz

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