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Blading Cup 2014 (Pt. 1)

Sam DeAngelis came out to Santa Ana from New Jersey for Blading Cup. He bladed. He filmed. He helped the homies at Lux Armour… and he took these photos documenting the event. From day to night, personality to action, competition to party, Sam captured a selection of moments that immortalize the experience of being on 4th Street on that November day, watching blading’s best turn out for the cause.

* * * *

View from the top (of the box).

Drew Bl00d, Baller and the Bales.

Bridging space and time…

When Dominic showed up…

Drinking it all in.

Roadhouse and The Head.

Sgt. Farmer’s Lonely Blade Boy Band

Tyler Shields and companion.

You just blew yourself.

The Mouth.

Garret and Chris.

Snack time.

Yung Luke.

Basic fans.

Cudot / 270 BS AO Unity to Soul

CJ Wellsmore / KG 540 to flat

KLP / Backslide AO Top Acid 360

Clips the shoulder.

Wake shows his duck face.

Coco celebrates.

Alex pays respect.

Make it out to C.A.S.H.


Can you deal with this?!

The champ with his trophy.

Dustin is Useless.

Party time. Excellent.

Braainwaashed Brierly(s).

Having an average weekend.


Go watch the edit (again):

Discussion / Blading Cup 2014 (Pt. 1)

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