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EVENTS: A Chosen-Few Santa Clarita

I have organized five street competitions, three of which are under ACHOSEN-FEW.COM. Of all these street competitions, the Chosen-Few Santa Clarita Street Comp was the best one so far. It could not have gone better, unless it had been 80 degress outside instead of 108! But it didn’t matter because everyone was too hyped to worry about the heat. We had over 100 people in attendance, sick spots, no busts and amazing skating. I worked very hard on organizing and preparing for the competition. The spots had to be worked on for a month and I didn’t want to bring anyone to skate them beforehand because I didn’t want the spots to get burned and it’s not fair that way. So for a month I went to the spots with maybe one other person and constantly waxed and worked in the ledges. Spot two needed the most work. There was dirt right after you came off the bank and that wasn’t gonna work. So Ian Ball and myself, with a little help from Tyler Hester, moved the 18-inch-deep island of dirt that was covering the cement, about 15 feet back. Doing that took about six hours, but I have a new respect, and got some enjoyment, for good old manual labor. After six weeks of organizing, working on spots and advertising, the day had come.

Every one met up at Santa Clarita Skate Park, which was also where the final spot would be. People warmed up at the park and signed up for the comp. We passed out directions and everyone headed to the first spot. First spot was epic. There were over 100 spectators lined up to watch the comp. The spot had some line ledges, and at one point the ledge slanted up. So many tricks went down but the highlights for me was Connor O’Brien’s AO top soul flat and up the slant, Winston Wardwell’s AO wall ride the spinning to top soul the ledge, Alex Miranda’s True KG, Daniel Rosato’s Top Mistrial flat and up the slant, Anthony Williams AKA A DUB’s Fishbrain flat and up the slant, Soderburg steezing it out and Rick Rodriguez just murdering the ledge, getting the most points by far on the first spot.

Anthony Luna / Soul to Fakie

Anthony Willams / AO Porn 540 out

Anthony Williams / Rocket Fishbrain to Fakie

Connor O’Brien / AO Top Soul 450 out

Jeremy Soderburg / Abstract 540

Connor O’Brien / Zeropsin Rocket Fishrain

Jeremy Soderburg / Frontside Air to Fakie

Matt Mickey on the mic.

Mike Dempsey / Backside Unity to Fakie

Rick Rodriguez / Truespin Soul to Top Soul 180 out

Tyler Hester / AO Porn to Switch Miszou to Fakie

Brent Hicks / Fishbrain to Fakie

The second spot was most defiantly a step up from the first. We debated on even having this as a second spot because of how big and difficult it was. But these days everyone wants to skate a bank ledge, so I decided to give it to them. This secret gem is located behind a fence covered with ivy, and honestly there really is no way to find this spot unless you look at just the right moment when you’re driving on the freeway. People were really pushing themselves on this spot. I didn’t get to see all the action because I was running around so much, but what I did see was great. Fabio Enes killed that spot. He laced 270 Back Royale 450 out on the ledge among other tricks, and 450 Back Royaled the steep rail as well. Tyler Hester also enjoyed the steep rail, lacing up a nice Cab True Miszou. Garret Whitney tried Royale transfer Royale to the far rail, which I didn’t even think was possible, and although he got close, he did not land it. He says he will be returning to do it again and landing it. Daniel Rosato was lacing some steezy tricks on it as well. But one of my favorite tricks was Rick Rodriguez’s AO porn because he was one of the only skaters who started at the high point on the ledge (which is about neck high on him).

Anthony Luna / Royale 360 Royale

Connor keeps up the hype.

Garret Whitney / Royale to Disaster Royale Transfer Attempt

Jeremy Soderburg / Backside Fastslide

Matt Mickey keeps everyone in line.

Max Dubin / AO Top Acid

Max Dubin / Soul Gap to Transfer Soul Attempt

Mike Dempsey / Front Torque

Rick Rodriguez / AO Porn from the high section

Rick Rodriguez / Royale to TTS

Taking a breather.

Tyler Hester / AO Top Soul

Winston Wardwell / Sweatstance

The final spot was back where we started. It was a big kink rail that no one was too confident about, except maybe Garret Whitney. The reason I picked this as the final spot, besides that it’s a big kink rail, is because it was directly across from the crowded skate park. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the amazing final spot. Even the skateboarders, bmxers and scooter riders came over and joined the crowd. The stuff that went down on this kink rail was epic to say the least. Garret did Top Acid hop Backside Royale, Top Porn hop Backside Royale, Top Acid hop True Miszou, and Top Acid hop Backside Fastslide. Fabio was skating as good as ever on the spot as well, lacing Backside Royale 540 out on the smaller kink and Hurricane Soul on the big kink. Unfortunately, he was injured trying to Hurricane Top Soul the big kink. He slammed his knee into the ground and was unable to continue skating. Anthony Luna probably hit the most tricks of the round with a Sweaty on both the small and big kink, a Top Acid on the big kink, Top Acid hop Back Farv, and a Top Acid hop Backside Torque. Towards the end of the comp this crazy dude started trying to Negative Makio through the kink. Tyler Hester, of course, had the highlight trick of this round which earned him Best Trick at the comp with a perfect Hurricane Top Acid to fakie. He also laced Hurricane Soul to fakie perfectly, and to Top Soul. The final spot overall was epic. The skaters and the crowd were going wild, and and everyone else was in AWE of what was going down.

Anthony Luna / Negative Makio through the kinks

Fabio Enes / Top Soul

Fabio Enes / 450 Back Royale

Fabio Enes / Hurricane Soul

Garret Whitney / Top Acid Gap to Fastslide

Garret Whitney / Top Acid Gap to AO Miszou

Tyler Hester / Hurricane Top Acid

Thanks to all the sponsors who really came through for this comp with product. I know I say that a lot, but I really appreciate their support. We had an awesome product toss with frames, wheels, liners, hats, stickers, magazines, clothes and everything else you would want to chase and tackle friends for.

The Comp ended at a nice afterparty with a full bar and TVs. We premiered the highly-anticipated Chosen Few profiles of Tyler Hester and Anthony Gallegos. Then the Top 10 were announced by our great MC, Matt Mickey. Prizes and cash were handed out, and the judges decided the top 10 as follows:

1st: Tyler Hester

2nd: Anthony Luna

3rd: Garret Whitney

4th: Rick Rodriguez

5th: Fabio Enes

6th: Anthony Williams

7th: Daniel Rosato

8th: Connor O’Brien

9th: Max Jubin

10th: Jeremy Soderburg

Best Trick: Tyler Hester

In the end the comp was amazing. Be ready for ACHOSEN-FEW.COM’s next street comp in San Diego, CA, Saturday, October 2nd. BE THERE!!


Quinn Feldman

All photos © 2010 Scott Moffat

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