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Winterclash 2018: In Photos

Rightful and deserving winner of ONE Blade Awards BEST EVENT OF THE YEAR, Winterclash 2018 lived up to its reputation as the most well-attended and high-energy event of the blade calendar. With probably 2,000 bladers packed into the ever-accommodating (and nicely renovated since our last visit) Area 51 skatepark, we feel no joy in reporting but have an obligation to say that Winterclash is bigger than the biggest BCSD ever was. There are numerous purpose-built ramps, full-on dedicated cheering squads (this year it was The Arlos), a tradeshow that runs for two full days where shop booths sell between 20 and 150 pairs of skates! (Loco had CJ boot only deals for 100€!), and in a first for this year, side betting on the winner that raised additional money for the prize pool, plus a full slate of programming that brought a spotlight to some of the more noteworthy aspects of contemporary blade culture. All in all Winterclash 2018 was pretty unfadable, and luckily Owen Peters was there with his camera to capture all these memorable moments. So take a look through and start planning your trip to Eindhoven for 2019. We’ll see you in the ONE booth.

* * * *

Unknown / 360 Topsoul

Adrien / BS Backslide

Pro Qualifiers

Miguel / Hang Losers

Area 51

Arlo Autographs

Atkinson Eyes a Trick

Unknown / Topsoul


The Crowd

Chihiro / AO Topsoul

Chris Haffey

Dance Comp

Humphries and Sizemore

Miguel on the Mic

Erik Droogh

Eugen / Cross X

Eugen Smiles

Eugen / Fastslide

We should know his name

Hang Losers Superbowl

Cuthbertson / Flipping

Jo Zenk / Transfer to Topsoul

Julian Bah

Main Event

Manon / Fishbrain

Matty Vella / AOTP

Montre / 180 to Flat

Montre / 360 Topsoul

Montre / Soap Savannah

Mery Munoz

Servy / Backflip Topporn

Servy / Misty to Flat


The Champ

Pottier / Disaster Wally

Pottier and Friends


Robbie / Mono Roll

Robbie / Mugging

Robbie / Lounging

Crofts / Hard Fish

Crofts / Topsoul to Ramp

Unknown / Savannah

Sizemore / 360 Acid

Sizemore / Fastslide to Fakie

Soichiro / Gap Soul Gap

Unknown / True Fish

Unknown / Transfer

Unknown / Bio 540

Digne / TTS

Pottier Wins

[The END]

ONE edit in the works now. Stay tuned…

All photos by Owen Peters

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