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ONE Digital v.4

In a way this is maybe the most important issue we’ve ever put together. Important because we’ve made a decision at ONE. And that decision is this:

Bring blading together.

We thought we’d start by throwing out the rulebook that says This Is How Things Are Done. That blading has to look like this, be like that, appeal to these people. We got into blading because FUCK THE RULES and though age and life experience can take the sharp edge off those sentiments, it can’t stamp out our distaste for authority.

So here we are, with a new issue featuring (among other things) a “park rat” skating street, a movie star talking about how to succeed in life, a street skating profile of “a girl,” and another interview with Mitchell Goddamn Goosen, the original mainstream rollerblading icon.

If you have a problem with any of that then you have a problem with the reality of blading.

Because blading can be all things to all people. That’s why it’s so damn cool.

Steve Swain tells Jenna Downing that he dreams of big corporate events and the money/exposure they bring, along with big-ass courses to shred. Then Dustin Spengler tells us that blading doesn’t need any of that stuff to be as awesome as it is, and that maybe having those things would make blading worse off.

Is either of them wrong? Who knows, and besides that’s not the point! They just have different perspectives on life and blading, and we want to celebrate it all. All the complexity, diversity, and creativity that makes up our worldwide community.

Because that’s what Digi v.4 is — another celebration of lives spent on blades.

So read the issue. Share it on your social channels. Pass it on to a friend.

Get out and blade…

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  • William - June 11th, 2014

    bout’ fucking time, good shit Justin;)

    “complexity, diversity, and creativity”

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