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Now Showing #5: RB ATL, Glide to Socal, ABVX.1

RB ATL Tour by Lonnie Gallegos

I’m a big fan of Lonnie Gallegos. I’m not even worried about that affecting my judgement in reviewing this first edit. I think it is just an accurate perception of his work. With the exception of maybe Chris Brown, I don’t think there has been an editor in the game that can touch him when it comes to style, song selection, and overall flow. His latest blade joint is a great example.

This ten and a half minute edit feels more like a short video and profiles Cody Porche, Rob Guerrero, Sean Keane, and David Sizemore. It also features a few clips of Tom Hyser, Ariel Surun, and some random old man on a scooter. By no means a “hammer” edit, it is much more of a technical video with a lot of what I would just refer to as interesting tricks. Sean Keane’s zero spin fishbrain on what at first appears to be an imaginary ledge on the ground is a perfect example.

Some of the sound track in this edit is a bit too dancey for me. But to be fair, in their own right they aren’t really bad songs, I’m just kind of a curmudgeon about this when it comes to skate videos. I mean from a marketing stand point that is constantly battling the homoerotic/phobic/roller-disco image skateboarder’s have brain washed into people’s heads about us, simply not using dance or techno music in your edits is a no brainer. But at the same time, not giving a fuck is usually the best answer, so I guess, disco on.

The majority of the filming here is extra crispy. I’m pretty sure Lonnie films entirely on DSLR these day’s and in what appears to be 60 frames per second, so the slow-mo looks amazing. When everyone’s favorite blading brahmin, Rob G, backside farvs up the side of a bank ramp to alley-oop rocket fishbrain down the adjacent bank ramp in slow motion, the detail will leave you in awe. You are really able to fully absorb just how amazing this trick is. The only down side of this filming technique is sometimes when playing clips back at 24fps for regular-mo it looks really jerky like a turn of the century era film and it’s kind of hard on your eyes if you try too hard to focus.

There are some hints of “powerblading” throughout the edit. If you still aren’t familiar with powerblading, its where you get really confused because people are making a big deal about ordinary tricks, but then you notice that they are rocking enormous wheels, so those ordinary tricks are a lot harder to do.

The team is really amazing. If Tom Hyser was the master mind behind its selection I gotta tip my hat to him, because watching them shred together gives the rare impression of an actual team as opposed to a random handful of really good skaters. Everyone’s tricks seems to compliment each other’s. Then again it could just be Lonnie’s editing skills making everything flow together extra smooth, but most likely it is a bit of both. If you haven’t watched this edit at least 10 times yet, you haven’t watched it enough.

PS: 360 to wall ride to rocket fishbrain to fakie, I’m just sayin…


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Discussion / Now Showing #5: RB ATL, Glide to Socal, ABVX.1

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  • Chris Bray - July 17th, 2012

    What is this now showing crap?! Who cares what some guy thinks of videos he didnt make or is featured in? You dont even ask the creaters of these edits if you can “critique” them! One is shit!

  • JE - July 17th, 2012

    You do. You left a comment. And that’s what the internet is: two-way communication when often one party is not interested in the other party’s input. Crazy, eh? Also, have you never heard of Roger Ebert or Peter Travers or Gene Siskel?

  • Chris Bray - July 17th, 2012

    I know what the internet is smart ass. I dont know why some asshole and your “magazine” are criticizing rollerblade edits. Why? Dont put you or anybody else on the shoulders of real film critics either! Ever think of criticizing full blade videos? Cool, write a page of shit about a 3-5min edit. Really setting the bar you fucking jack off!
    PS-I used to have a subscription, until I read the truth about you scum and your thievery.

  • Alan Hughes - July 17th, 2012

    If you don’t agree with my reviews that’s cool, I would never expect everyone to have the same opinions as me, but reviews are one of the most basic and oldest type of articles in any magazine or news paper.

    They are extremely light reviews anyways, its almost more about just highlighting three of the best edits from the previous month or two, to hopefully give them some extended shelf life instead of just being forgotten once the next day’s edit drops.

  • JE - July 17th, 2012

    That’s cool, Chris. You believe what you’d like to, and we’ll keep doing what we do — make content for bladers and encourage debate amongst bladers. Have at it!

  • Ash - July 18th, 2012

    HAHAHAHA “REAL” FILM CRITICS. What a weird idea. I like now showing.

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