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Now Showing #5: RB ATL, Glide to Socal, ABVX.1

The Glide to Socal by Quinn Feldman

First impressions don’t mean everything, but they mean a lot; they usually determine how you interpret everything that comes next. My first impression of this edit was pretty harsh. First off the name, Rolling Film Productions. I hate to be pessimistic, but every time I see a new business name pop up in blading, I figure it is just one or two random guys, not making any money, probably never will, and probably won’t be around longer than a year, especially if it is just a blog or video company. The video’s preview frame has a Glidecam, which we all know can make videos look amazing, but it’s kinda become a trend that I feel is way worn out and shouldn’t be advertised, just quietly used to make your video look better. The song isn’t a dance or techno track, but pop songs like this come in at a strong third on my curmudgeon list. When the tricks started and I saw choreographed blading I literally groaned out loud because it all seemed to jock Vinny Minton way too hard. So barely into this edit and my first impressions were increasingly stacked against it. I kept watching anyways.

Like I already said, regardless of how trendy it has become, glidecams can make videos look amazing and this edit looks amazing. I’m also very partial to wide angle lenses like the one used here as opposed to the way over used fisheye lens. Vinny Minton didn’t invent choreography but we all know he was the direct inspiration behind this edit, and that’s cool, watching ill tricks laced back to back to back is amazing regardless. While enjoying the shredding, the curmudgeon in me started to subside and the song started to grow on me as well.

But most importantly, the dudes in this edit really kill it. Just look at the line-up, the Mcleod brahs, Anthony Williams, Anthony Gallegos, Winston Wardwell, Tim Franken, Tyler Hester, Jeremy Soderburg, and Demetrios George. It has a lot of classic California spots and a classic California feel, which I never in a million years thought I would say, but actually seems to have been lacking a bit lately in the blade scene. There is a lot of really stylish skating, that would probably best be describe as laced. Everything everyone does in this edit just looks laced with a lot of confidence and a lot of comfort, which to me is the most important part of style, just looking comfortable in your body. There are a handful of airs in this edit, but otherwise it is mostly grinderblading and these dudes do it right. Mixed up with some park skating and a lot of impressive lines really makes for a full edit. There is a grocery list of tech grinds and switch ups I could go through, but just look at that line up of bladers again and you should already know what it is. If you’re a below average blader like me, watch this edit before you session a prail or something and then just get buck on that mother. If you are an above average blader, try to keep up with these dudes and you will be on the right track.

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Discussion / Now Showing #5: RB ATL, Glide to Socal, ABVX.1

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  • Chris Bray - July 17th, 2012

    What is this now showing crap?! Who cares what some guy thinks of videos he didnt make or is featured in? You dont even ask the creaters of these edits if you can “critique” them! One is shit!

  • JE - July 17th, 2012

    You do. You left a comment. And that’s what the internet is: two-way communication when often one party is not interested in the other party’s input. Crazy, eh? Also, have you never heard of Roger Ebert or Peter Travers or Gene Siskel?

  • Chris Bray - July 17th, 2012

    I know what the internet is smart ass. I dont know why some asshole and your “magazine” are criticizing rollerblade edits. Why? Dont put you or anybody else on the shoulders of real film critics either! Ever think of criticizing full blade videos? Cool, write a page of shit about a 3-5min edit. Really setting the bar you fucking jack off!
    PS-I used to have a subscription, until I read the truth about you scum and your thievery.

  • Alan Hughes - July 17th, 2012

    If you don’t agree with my reviews that’s cool, I would never expect everyone to have the same opinions as me, but reviews are one of the most basic and oldest type of articles in any magazine or news paper.

    They are extremely light reviews anyways, its almost more about just highlighting three of the best edits from the previous month or two, to hopefully give them some extended shelf life instead of just being forgotten once the next day’s edit drops.

  • JE - July 17th, 2012

    That’s cool, Chris. You believe what you’d like to, and we’ll keep doing what we do — make content for bladers and encourage debate amongst bladers. Have at it!

  • Ash - July 18th, 2012

    HAHAHAHA “REAL” FILM CRITICS. What a weird idea. I like now showing.

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