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Making the Blading Cup TV show

ONE talks to Drew Bachrach about final production of the Blading Cup TV show.

Drew, thanks for taking time to tell us a little bit about the behind the scenes situation for the Blading Cup TV show.

Can you explain at all the set up with HOW the Blading Cup TV show even happened?
After the success of the first Blading Cup, Jon Julio decided to take this year’s competition to the next level. He was able to strike a deal with ASA Entertainment to co-produce a show which will run on Fox Sports, November 16th.

For the actual event, it seemed like JJ & Co. locked down every known filmer and had them shooting on the course. From that rowdy mix down to the core brain trust putting the show together — who’s doing what?
The show is 100% blader-made. Everyone dontated their time, energy and gear to make this happen. Shouts out to the BCtv crew! Dave Paine, Billy Kostka, Jason Reyna, Cuauhtzin Gutierrez, Justin Lomax, Ivan Narez, John Considine, Chris Bjerre, Beau Cottington, Sayer Danforth, Daniel Kinney and Arlo Eisenberg.

What is the overall goal of the project: make Blading Cup look like a successful event or making blading look cool? Or does that sort of take care of itself?
The main goal was to raise the general public’s awareness about what modern rollerblading is all about. We tried to show the contest crowd as much as possible to highlight the fact that blading is a brotherhood of passionate people that all support each other and have a great time doing it. Hopefully this will excite viewers into taking a closer look at the sport we love.

What can viewers expect BESIDES seeing the action from Blading Cup?
Ivan Narez produced a series of really cool profiles on some of the top talent at the contest. This was our opportunity to show off real street skating, and Ivan did a great job.

When was the last time you prepared a blading show for television broadcast? How is this different from then?
The last time blading was on TV was the ASA shows from 2005. The main difference with this show is the fact that we didn’t have to include any goofy skateboarding or BMX. 100% rollerblading.

I realize this is early to even think about, but has there been any talk about what comes next? Could there be another show?
It would be great to do a show about next year’s Blading Cup. Hopefully everyone at home will watch and DVR the show this week so we can get some good ratings.

There’s been some rumblings online by people who are concerned they won’t see the show if they don’t live in California. Care to clear up that misconception? Tips on where to find the show?
Easy! — Check your local listings! Fox Sports, Friday, Novemeber 16th. The show runs a couple of times over the weekend so TIVO THEM ALL!

Okay, we’ll get out of your hair, but before we split — any good inside dirt you can spill?
I’d just like to say that it was a pleasure to work with the rest of my blading homies on this project. I don’t think anyone knew how much work it was going to be, and everyone stepped up to make It happen. I hope everyone enjoys the show.

Thanks for telling us more about the show, Drew. We can’t wait to see it on Friday!

Blading Cup TV Schedule
Blading Cup photos by Jeff Linett
Blading Cup as seen on Instagram

Discussion / Making the Blading Cup TV show

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  • Yoeri - November 12th, 2012

    is there an edit of the blading cup ?

  • corey - November 13th, 2012

    still not that easy to watch if you aint in the usa ?

  • george - November 14th, 2012

    is it possible to few in Australia on FOX?, if so how do I find out when and what specific channel?

  • Intuitiveroller - November 15th, 2012

    Search your local TV listings for Blading Cup air times here —>

  • post it already - November 17th, 2012

    dang, didn’t get the channel. I had Fox Sports, Fox Sports Pacific, Central, and Atlantic, but no Fox Sports Detroit, which was what I needed out here in NorCal. I was all ready to watch it in 3D too.

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