Megan Petersen / March 31st, 2012 / Spotlight
Southwest Photo Tour

After the event weekend I started driving to LA, with no set plans on where I would stay or who to skate with that day — I just drove. My friend Geoff Phillip, who was visiting LA from Denver, called me and told me we could stay and shred at his buddy’s place. After hitting up some parks for the first few days, we met up with Chris Calkins and filmer Daniel Scarano. I spent the next five days skating bowls and shooting photos with those guys.

Chris Calkins / Top Soul

Geoff Phillip / Soul hop the kink to Soul

Chris Calkins / BS Royale to Stale 180

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Discussion / Southwest Photo Tour

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  • Chris Guitar - April 1st, 2012

    GREAT article and the pictures were more than pro. !!!

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