Megan Petersen / March 31st, 2012 / Spotlight
Southwest Photo Tour

Megan and Fallon.

At the end of the week I went to stay with Fallon before going to San Diego. We planned on shooting but were rained out that morning and had to take a “rain check” if you will. By the time I started driving to San Diego the weather was beautiful again, and there was a session going on at Ocean Beach skate park. It was an amazing feeling to be back in San Diego; it had been a while. During two years I lived there I became good friends with good people. That night I stayed with Geoff Acers (Captain) and Matt Lewis (Radvocate).

Through the weekend I stayed up in North County with Celerity Max, skating with Russell Day, Hayden Ball, Edwin from Hell, and Dre Powell. It was hard to leave! Going on such a mission by yourself and staying with so many good people is a great experience.

Russell Day / Sweatstance to Fakie

Russell Day / Mute 360

Hayden Ball / Vertical Makio Stall to Fakie

Dre Powell / Top Soul

Now that I’m back in San Francisco printing and framing skating photos, skating, shooting and working, I couldn’t be happier. All these guys are such shredders, they inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing. I’ll be back down there soon, and any prints I sell will fund the next skating photo tour I do.

You can help support Megan’s next outing by picking up some photo prints at SDSF Ocean Beach skate shop.

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  • Chris Guitar - April 1st, 2012

    GREAT article and the pictures were more than pro. !!!

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