Alan Hughes / June 24th, 2020 / The Wire
Carlos Bernal – Pro Skate Promo

“Carbon Free Carlos Bernal – a well deserved Pro skate for Carlos, who has been representing USD for many years and had made is way up right to the top, putting out hammer edits showing nothing but amazing skating.

The carbon free uses glass-fiber reinforced plastic for the shell’s base. This construction feels a bit softer than carbon and offers additional flex and freedom of movement. The trainer like appearance gives you the lowest volume and creates one of the lightest skates on the market. The solid PU cuffs allow the perfect amount of flex, whilst providing sufficient support. The low profile soul plate compliments the overall lightweight design whilst still remaining fast and durable on all grinds.
Thze new USD Carbon Free Carlos Bernal Pro boot is out now and available at your favorite blading shop. (720021)

Cut: Carlos Bernal
Camera: Michel Prado
Additional filming: Marc Moreno, Teles ,Sacha Lopez, Salim, Craig Hamilton, Joni Prados, Sheila Serrano, Yuri Bothelo, Hector (Dexter)
Graphic Design: Pablo Estarriaga

Recorded in Barcelona, Spain.”

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