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Robert Guerrero Situation: Latest Updates

The blade world is abuzz with an outpouring of support for Robert Guerrero, who has allegedly suffered a point-blank gunshot wound to the head while in the jungles of Peru. Thousands of individuals have already contributed to the GoFundMe campaign, but the work is far from over and each new development has serious implications for the rest of Rob’s life.

For the latest we checked in with our friend Juan David Leon in Peru:

“When all this started yesterday, I first communicate with Jan Welch, and he send me the information about the Hospital where Rob is.

I talked with the doctor by myself, he confirmed that Rob received a short range shot on the right part of the head. He also confirmed that the only way to take Rob out the jungle is by an Air Ambulance.

Due to Rob’s situation, he cannot be put into a plane or something similar as he needs specifically an Air Ambulance, the doctor already warned us that the cost should be around 60K soles (around 20K dollars).

Then Lonnie contacted me — he is still trying to get a plane ticket to make it to Peru.

Since I already talked with the doctor, knowing that Rob doesnt have inssurance here, and moreless with an idea of how much money will be necessary to transport him, the GoFundMe campain started with this thing in mind.

We know also that Rob’s wife is in Iquitos with Rob.

At this point of the day we are waiting for the air ambulance, Lonnie is making the arrangements.

We hope to have Rob in Lima this afternoon.”

UPDATE: Lonnie is currently working to get Rob flown straight to California. Stand by for more information…

UPDATE 2 <3:45PM PST 07_26_2018>: Lonnie is requesting information on Bay Area hospitals and their insurance requirements. If you know anything or can offer info, please contact Lonnie directly.

UPDATE 3 <4:12PM PST 07_26_2018>: Reports are saying Robert is out of his medically-induced coma and has regained consciousness. Motor control is limited but signs of progress have appeared.

UPDATE 4 <8:43AM PST 07_27_2018>: Rob’s father, Ralph Guerrero, confirms to ONE that this weekend he will be traveling with Rob from Peru to the United States where he will receive the medical care he needs. Ralph and the Guerrero family thank everyone for their generous donations and support.

UPDATE 5 <12:21PM PST 07_27_2018>: Reports from local press are surfacing that provide additional context to this tragedy. Special thanks to our sources Guillermo Teran and Juan David Leon for their updates and translation.

“Robert Anthony Guerrero of American nationality was shot in the head when he came upon a session of ayahuasca in the ceremonial center “Raunete” located in the district of Fernando Lores in Tamsiyacu.

The shot came from forest engineer Enrique Barcia Borea (63), who also participated in the spiritual session and for reasons still unknown, he shot his Sig Sauer firearm supplied with a cacerina and seven cartridges.

The confusing incident occurred early Monday when the tourist arrived in the town and visited a hostel located 3 kilometers from the district. The hostess manager Jenny Paiva Pinedo (29) denounced the incident in the Tanshiyacu police station, where the troops arrived at the site and when they found the body of the tourist lying on the floor with a bandage on his head, they quickly moved from the interior of the jungle to a health center where they provided first aid.

Once In the medical center Robert was attended by a doctor who realized the seriousness of the wounds and after visualizing with radiographic plates where you can see the bullet is still there, the doctor quickly requested his evacuation to Iquitos for specialized attention.

The doctors of the regional hospital of Loreto diagnosed the wounds as corresponding with traumatic brain injury.

After the arrest of the alleged aggressor, the police initiated investigations into the case. The representatives of the “Sucamec” provided statements but were unable to locate documentations of the weapon.

The foreigner was emergency evacuated to the regional hospital of Loreto where he is fighting for his life.”

UPDATE 6 <1:14 PST 07_27_2018>: The GoFundMe campaign has cracked $100,000. It’s incredible to think this all happened in just over one day, but there is still so much further to go for Rob’s full recovery. Don’t stop believing now!

UPDATE 7 <1:25 PST 07_27_2018>: Lonnie has updated the GoFundMe page to say Rob has secured an appointment with a neurosurgeon on the Bay Area upon his arrival in the US. More details to follow… This is a huge positive development!

UPDATE 8 <2:42 PST 07_27_2018>: Ralph Guerrero is in the air to Peru where he will accompany Rob back to the US for care.

UPDATE 9 <4:407 PST 07_28_2018>: Jan Welch posted the following screenshot of a comment shared by Ralph Guerrero, who has landed in Peru and reconnected with his son. Reports of responsiveness are awesome so keep the good vibes and donations headed in Rob’s direction. There’s so much more to be done.

Now join us in wishing the family the best of luck on a safe flight back to the US and the start on Rob’s recovery.

You can support Rob’s GoFundMe HERE

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