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Delta City Open III Contest Report

With the third Delta City Open passing just about two weeks ago, I still really haven’t had a chance to process what actually happened. It was a “blading miracle” of sorts. James Fisher, Sean Quinn and I set out to keep this year’s event true to our standards of awarding the best overall blader their deserved prize money. This rarely comes easy being that Detroit, MI is by all standards an open canvas for street skating. You never know who is going to shine.

Al Dolega and Scott Berrels constructed the “Y-Frame” rail for the first spot at the infamous Brewester Projects to set the tone for the day. Too much went down to mention but notables were Garret Mitschelen’s transfers, Austin Loomis’ wild switch-ups, Aaron Pyle grinding the under rails, Luke Naylor and Matthias St. John grinding to gap and spinning both ways, and Brett Urbas skating flawlessly.

Spot 1 / Brewster Projects

Sean Quinn

Brandon Long / Disaster Fish

Keegan Jacko / Gap Top Mistrial

The caravan to spot two was slow due to Detroit’s Eastern Market being a totally normal Saturday that turns the traffic flow down Russell Street into a parking lot. Thankfully everyone made it and there and the competition turned up a few notches. Travis Rhodes and Michael Blair destroyed this spot with some extremely technical blading, and last year’s champion, Brandon Long, got broke off but not before getting the wall ride to top soul that had him bleeding.

Aaron Pyle / Top Porn @ Spot 2

Spot 2 / Crowd Spotting

Garret Mitschelen / AO Top Porn

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  • Alexander Coe - June 7th, 2013

    And don’t forget Sam! Sam Adams! Thank you for the 250 beers!

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