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In Pictures: The Motor Town Classic

Last weekend the inaugural Motor Town Classic was held at Modern Skatepark outside of Detroit, Michigan. John Bolino took 1st place, Alex Broskow 2nd, and Don Bambrick 3rd, with Chynna Weierstall winning the women’s division. In lieu of a lengthy write-up rehashing trivial moments and events otherwise visible in the edits emerging in the contest’s wake, we asked Noah Zipser, one third of the event-running trio, to caption these photos captured by Chris and Michelle Gerard. Enjoy.

* * * *

Stephen Durasa pulls an AO Fish during the MTC mini ramp competition.

Tim Schmidt, pup, and Jeff Dalnas take a breather outside of Modern Skate Park.

Jimmy Spetz gaps out of the mini to 90° Fish Stall.

Motor Town Classic decals by Scott Berels, design by Sean Quinn.

Cody Lampman taking in the trade show.

Grant Schildhouse and the First and Lexington crew.

Chynna: “What did Don just do”?! 

The Brothers Anthony.

Erik Bailey with a big True Fish on the MTC tombstone.

John Bolino going fake to Top Soul to fakie.

Al Dolega has jokes!

Kevin Lapierre throwing a 540 off the steep wedge.

Matthias St. John is always so tech.

John Bolino full cab disaster sav.

Luda and DGB.

Ben Schwab and Miguel Ramos.

Motor Town Classic x Southern Scum

We have a winner.

The crowd wants to know!

The first MTC champion, John Bolino!

Top 3: Bambrick, Broskow and Bolino.

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