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Winterclash 2020 Part 4: The Juniors

It’s common to hear people say that “Under 18” skaters, or young skaters like those featured in the Junior Event at Winterclash are “the future”, but that’s not entirely true. As Matt Mickey helped bring into focus this summer, these skaters are the present. They are the now! Junior skaters are the most important part of the entire worldwide rollerblading community, and if you don’t understand why that’s the case, then we’ve got a few dozen “OG” groups you can join on the socials to yell at each other about how things used to be. In that spirit, check out coverage from Winterclash 2020 as today’s new talents challenged themselves and each other to new heights. Among them is Norobu Katayama, an absolutely incredible blader that is poised to dominate any event or session he enters very soon. Please join us in celebrating these dedicated bladers and taking a look at their accomplishments on the course. Photos by Dean Bradley and John Goez.

* * * *

Melander / Bomb Drop / Bradley

Ziemicki / Backside / Bradley

Gratwohl / Gap Top Porn / Bradley

Unknown / 540 / Bradley

Kreiss / Topsoul / Bradley

Katayama / Prep / Goez

Katayama / AO Top Acid / Goez

Katayama / Props / Goez

Katayama / AO Top Acid / Bradley

Katayama / AO Fish / Bradley

Katayama / AO Fish / Goez

Junior Champs / Bradley

Congrats to the women’s riders:

1. Noboru Katayama
2. Szymon Ziemicky
3. Samuel Obst

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[The END]

Photos by Dean Bradley and John Goez

Discussion / Winterclash 2020 Part 4: The Juniors

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