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Delta City Open III Contest Report

We had a minor mishap on spot three. It was supposed to be a double set spot but due to “hood foliage” it was a no go. I know everyone freaked out on the way to this spot, wondering why weren’t going to these perfect, low down rails we passed just a few blocks back. Well, we did. Taylor Ritchie went and claimed the “Spookiest Trick of the Day” with a cess to true makio that had everyone cheering. Garret Mitchelen’s fishbrain on the high ledge was out of nowhere and then Brian Weis pulled a huge wall ride to 180 on it.

Matt Ostanoski / Kind Grind @ Spot 3

Luke Naylor / True Porn

The final spot was anyone’s game. Everyone who toughed out the residents complaining and rushed time still managed to pull some of the most amazing blading to date. Stefan Brandow and Travis Rhodes pulled together a few lines while Michael Blair, Brett Urbas and Joe Hawkey were working on some serious hammers. We wrapped out of the Lafayette Condos and headed to Capitol Park to deliberate, hand out some cash and party.

Joe Hawkey / BS Roy @ Final Spot

Final Spot / Crowd Spotting

Brett Urbas / Half Cab Fish

Brett Urbas / DCOIII Champ

The results are as follows:
1. Brett Urbas ($1,000)
2. Travis Rhodes ($500)
3. Michael Blair/Garret Mitschelen ($100/$100)

Spookiest Trick (Best Trick): Taylor Ritche
Beef of the Day (Worst Fall): Devin Micha

Stay tuned for the official Delta City Open III video in a few weeks for coverage of all the action.

On behalf of the Delta City Open event organizers, we want to thank all of our sponsors, everyone that donated, everyone that came out to the event, all the competitors that busted their ass all day, everyone that helped prep and build spots, everyone that helped host everyone from out of town, and everyone that helped host the after party. We would like to give a special thanks to Allen Dolega, Scott Berels, Charlie Sparks, Ryan C, Matthias St. John, Chris and Michelle Gerard, Aaron Cummings of Wet House screen printing and the whole DCOIII Film Crew.

We really can’t express our gratitude enough. If we left out anyone, we are truly sorry! Just know that without everyone’s efforts, this event would not have been such a success. See you in 2014.

Noah Zipser with James Fisher and Sean Quinn
Photos by “Team Gerard” aka Michelle and Chris Gerard

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  • Alexander Coe - June 7th, 2013

    And don’t forget Sam! Sam Adams! Thank you for the 250 beers!

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